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One topic that was discussed at yesterday's meeting - that I negated to write about below - involved the "exploitation" (although that word was not explicitly used) - of our creative, artistic population.

In traditional schooling environments, children that appear to be bursting with creativity appear (all too often) to be stifled in their creative pursuits, labeled in some manner and/or even "punished" (sent to alternative schools, etc.) in some manner...

In society at large the works of creative peoples are often radically undervalued; and yet, "exploited" by those up top.

How does the latter work?

One lady gave the following example:

A place (such as the Roundout area of Kingston) will be made "artist friendly" by offering cheaper, often less than adequate housing for artistic types...

The artists will seize what they see as an opportunity (they often don't have many affordable alternatives) and move in...

The artists (this could be painters, musicians, poets, etc.) will continue to struggle, as their works are often undervalued...

But the business community around the artists is apt to flourish, with folks showing up to look at the art, listen to the music, etc. --- and eat and drink (which they pay for) and/or shop (which they pay for) at nearby businesses.


[Tom Petty; "Refugee"; as submitted to You Tube by fastfocustv on 6/23/07;]

In addition to that...

The works of artists, from the fledgling to the "made it to the top" professional, are being exploited, with copyright laws (whether this refers to e-books, CDs, or DVDs) being violated (isn't this supposed to be illegal?) all over the place!

People are submitting works to professors, to publishing companies, to folks in the music industry that are sending back "sorry, can't use this right now" notices... changing the format of the entry just enough to (still illegal, but how are you going to prove it?) claim it (and sell it) as their own.

One lady at yesterday's workshop, having written a children's book years ago, expressed her shock at - after having the book refused - finding a children's book on the shelf with the exact same story-line - and the exact same exact illustrations (save a couple of character changes) as her (with someone else making a profit off it) own.


I could go on and on in regard to this topic...

Having known far too many people that are extremely artistic and talented - from photographers to painters to DJs to musicians, plus...

That have produced exquisite works, often shared with the public for no cost or a minimal cost - whilst struggling each and ever day to survive!

The only exception (that comes to mind right now) I have seen to that being those artists that move into the tattoo business...

And the few others that make it big, quite often because they had money and/or connections in the "business" from the "git go."


That said, I will express my belief - here - that artists should charge for their gallery openings and shows; that even those that provide DJ and/or Karaoke services charge for their shows; that poets and writers charge for their shows; that artists (of all types) get together and protest the rank violations of copyright laws that are occurring; that creative persons (this covers a broad spectrum) start to claim the LEGITIMATE WORTH (in every sense of the word) of their person and talents - and strive to make things better for creative persons just "learning the gig."


That said, I would like to thank Governor Patterson for doing a GREAT job (whilst facing tremendous personal and professional odds) for New Yorkers - and "beg" (not a word I like to use) folks to examine Rudolph Giuliani's connections, history, etc. - with a "fine tooth comb" - before letting him get anywhere near (during the next governor election cycle) the Governor's seat! [I have my reasons for this instinctual - and educated - distrust of R. Giuliani]

[See P. A2 of today's (2/8/09) Kingston "Daily Freeman"]


That said, I would like to add to Mayor Sottiles call (in his recent address and the newspaper coverage of same) for volunteerism in our community - but I would like to put the EMPHASIS OF "NEED" on the need for volunteerism in the realm of political activism!

Yes, by all means, do what you can (if you can) for your family, your neighbor, etc...

But the work one does (this is my opinion) for profit and alleged or infacto non-profit organizations should be PAID employment.

Trust me, those employing you are getting paid, and this could go a long ways towards solving our "unemployment" problem [Are too many folks GIVING their time and skills, in the the context of for profit and alleged or infacto not-for-profit "businesses"... away?]

Whereas political activism / volunteerism is what can potentially empower you, your children, your grandchildren --- and all of us --- in regards to the re-establishment of our human rights, human dignity and (do you have dreams?) collective futures!


All of that said, I would like to close this posting with a couple of notices that I plucked from the back pages of today's (2/8/09) "Daily Freeman" (P. D5}:

1) The Ancient Order of Hibernians, Con Colbert Woulfe Division No.1, Ulster County, "donated $10,000 to the "Food Bank of the Hudson Valley..."

2) The owners (or managers?) of the Mother Earth Storehouse donated $25,000 to the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley...; and

3) The Kingston Sunrise Rotary "donated $1,350 to the Kingston Parks and Recreation Department's environmental education programs..."

With a suggestion that the generosity of such people and organizations be moved towards the front of the paper... where they can receive the "Thank You, Thank You, Thank Yous!" - they have earned...

AND serve as examples to other folks and organizations [I recall seeing a decent donation go out via the Lions Club fairly recently; and the United Methodist Church [one of a handful (?) of churches offering the no-cost or low cost non-discriminatory use of their facilities for community groups, etc.) seems to be involved in a number of good works...] that "might" donate more to the good causes in their community if they got more recognition and respect for doing so...


Just my input and/or opinions. Yours may differ.

Peace, Love, Equality and humane Justice,


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