Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Truth... Enough is Enough... Sorry Mike... Check out this Blue Video... Call your Representatives... Get a Grip on your Rights...

This is a carry-over from a discussion I've been engaged in on Mike Madsen's blog, "Kingston Progressive" [see link in sidebar...]

And although you might not like what I present here... I'm entitled my views and opinions (as are you)... and you might just want to open up your mind, do some research, check a few things out!

Case in point:

In my opinion, the cigarette tax should be lowered, not raised.

In my opinion, the cigarette tax is unjust and discriminatory, as is.

In my opinion, if folks really want "everyone" (this would include the very wealthy...) to stop smoking, we should shut down the cigarette factories and associated industries, including the anti-smoking industries!

In my opinion, money for SHIP, which I fully support, can be found (oh yes indeed) in other ways...

Please "enjoy" (this could cost me a lot!) the following videos:

["UNFAIR TAX!"; aa submitted to You Tube by BobFartall on 1/28/09; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-USXW0Gt2rg]

If you really want to do something significant about the mass pollution we are all (including our children) breathing in on a daily basis - check this out:

["Blue Man Group on Global Warming" as submitted to You Tube by skoops on 6/10/06; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snPdEl0Duoo]

And if you want to find money for the SHIP program (which I'm ALL for!) - how about taking a look at the bank accounts - probably here - there - & everywhere - of some of these (one example to check out real good..) people?

["What you Didn't Know About Operation Blessing"; as submitted by Hereticxxii on 5/16/08; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtOXb5pu9cA]

Just so ya' know, my research (extensive; for the books I wrote) supports the allegations that are made in the video above.

Could I be right? Might I be wrong? Check it out for yourselves...

All I can really say is that it is time for the truth, my friends...

It is time for the truth.

I just wonder, as the saying goes [I heard this in "Jesus Christ Superstar"]:

"What is truth?

Is mine the same as yours?"

Peace, love, equality and humane justice,



  1. If the Senator link provided with this post is too complex (I didn't find an email connection there) there are other links in the sidebar that will lead you (if you so choose) where you want to go.

    I am reminded of a study I once read where mice, given a choice between water laced with morphine (or something of the sort) and food - would choose the water-laced morphine - to the point of starvation...

    Addiction is serious business folks. You can't TAX it away...

    And to try to do so, is, in my book, beyond cruel...


  2. You're absolutely right!