Tuesday, January 6, 2009

City Council Meeting Jan 09

[Photo by B.F.]

Tonight's local City Council meeting was the shortest City Council meeting I have ever attended, with just one gentleman speaking during the open forum - and a short, professionally handled agenda. Some good news (I think) is (1) that a resolution was passed to transfer a parcel of property to Youth Build and (2) Alderman Senor (Kudos) was on top of a minor paperwork glitch (minor, but important "stuff!"), which was amended in session.

Other than that, I tried to find some apropos political humor on You Tube when I got home... but, either I've slipped off the funny-bone track or some of the "stuff" out there lately is a bit vile...

There was one "almost" pick, called "Go Tell it in Accounting" (to the tune of "Go Tell it on the Mountain") - but I passed on it because I wasn't sure what some of the acronyms and such stood for - and ya' can't be too careful with this blogger stuff!


Wishing everyone safe travels and warm homes to come back to tonight...

Can April and May come too soon?


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  1. Thank you for the report. And welcome back!