Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Some May 31, 1932 Headlines and News Snippets (Wow) from the "Kingston Daily Freeman"

[Photo by B.F.]

1. "President Hoover Advocates Sales Tax... Reduction of Governmental Expenses and Adequate Relief Measures Also Stressed" (P. 1) [Sound Familiar?]

2. "Senate Enacts Bill To Further Increase Income Tax Rates" (P. 1)[Sound familiar?]

3. "J.R. Garfield to Draft G.O.P. Plans" (P.1). Quote: "He (Garfield)... parried all questions on the controversial issues, such as prohibition, with nothing more than a smile" (P. 1)

4. "Governor Roosevelt Speaker at Washington Celebration... Delivered Address at City's Bicentennial Celebration of Birth of Washington..." (PP 1 & 11)["Then" Governor Roosevelt spoke before thousands at Forsythe Park, and the event was followed up by a parade and other events... The City's Mayor, at the time, was Eugene B. Carey.]

5. "Hitler Demands New Elections, President Ponders Over Cabinet" (P. 1) [This was during THAT era...]

Kinda "Awesome" and "Freaky" --- Eh?


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