Monday, February 2, 2009

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["Obama Lashes Out At Wall St.; as submitted to You Tube by CBS on 1/30/09;]

Hey folks! Are you cold, bored, lonely, depressed?

Why not come out to the Kingston City Common Council meeting - check out where things stand - and, if you are so inclined, speak up (there is an open comment period for approximately three minutes per speaker) on the matters that concern you...


Street Conditions?

Pike Plan?

Kingston Area Public Access Television Funding?





Positive Things?


The world IS in turmoil... Things ARE pretty darn tough for a whole LOT of people in the City of Kingston... and the Kingston City Council needs to hear our voices, thoughts, ideas, etc!

Women - Are you afraid to show up (as I once was) at something like this alone?

Send me an email --- and I'll meet you there!

Are children welcome?

Use your own discretion...

I am not clear on this issue, but I have seen children there; and I personally think, from about age 8 and up, that exposure to how the local political world works could be a very good learning experience for them.

Remember, as a wise woman once told me: "If you aren't making your decisions, someone else is making them for you...

Do you really want "that?"

The City Common Council Meeting is tomorrow night at 7:30PM at City Hall on Broadway - unless it is canceled (rare, but you can call ahead to confirm) due to snow or some other emergency.

Remember, as certain female representatives of the Women's Movement were apt to say, "The personal is political!"

Your voice (male and female) matters!

Peace, Love, Equality and Humane Justice,


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