Monday, February 2, 2009

Regarding the Posts... Local Politics... Activists... Taxes... KAPA... National Politics... Etc. Below

[Photo (Copyrighted; It Should Say "Christmas 2008) by N.S.]

I wanted to note, before you move on to the videos below, that there are some City of Kingston Common Council members that I have tremendous respect for - and a bunch that I haven't really gotten to know.

Whilst I have never, up to this point, had a personal conversation with our City Mayor.

That said, the conditions in the City of Kingston have become pretty dire (as is apparently true across the nation) for a whole lot of folks (contributing to the the recent rise, locally, in armed robberies and such?) - and there are some important issues re. taxation, Kingston Area Public Access television, the fair and equitable treatment of all people, etc. - lagging over from last year; as well as new (or perhaps previously denied?) items of concern that are "in our face" now.

Two of the following videos were taken by a local blogger and uploaded to You Tube... and I want to thank that person (for performing a tremendous public service) here and now :)

That said, please do watch the following videos and join a growing grassroots movement that is saying "we deserve better than this..."

More job opportunities with decent wages and benefits...

Funding for our local public access station...

A fair and equitable taxation policy...

A City Council (and Mayor) that listens, hears and responds promptly and effectively to the legitimate needs of the people...


Peace, love, equality and humane justice,


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