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Getting Energy Smart... Notes on Friday Nights Meeting

"Solar Thermal Energy and Photovoltaic Solar Panel and Wind Turbine systems. Complete Grid-Tie and Off-Grid Battery Backup Systems. Integrating Renewable Energy Systems since 1985 in Ontario Canada...

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The Above is an Example Video Based in Canada --- See Below for Local Resources / Organizations:

Last nights Progressive Coalition of the Hudson Valley meeting (at the BSP in uptown Kingston) pulled in a full house - had an interesting array of speakers - and stands out as a beacon of hope during difficult times.

This is not an area where I have much expertise or experience, so I will be referring you, for further information, to associated links [these are provided below / please copy and paste them in your search bar]

A representative from "New Paltz Women in Black" was the first speaker. She spoke about the Coalition as a local and National effort.

A Number of involved organizations were cited, including:

Ulster County Community Council
Ulster County Democratic Committee
New Paltz Women in Black
New Paltz for Obama
Hudson Valley for Obama
Arts for Peace
And (sorry I did not catch all of this) Others...

A representative from Congressman Maurice Hinchey's Office spoke in his absence. She (Lauri) stated that Mr. Hinchey had very much wanted to be in attendance and was very supportive of the Coalition - but that he had got tied up in the Senate delay around the Fiscal Responsibility Bill [I don't know if I'm stating that "exactly" right] - where bickering over earmarks (Boths Democrats and Republicans have put earmarks in...) were holding up passage.

Lauri stated that Mr. Hinchey considers the passage of the above bill vital, as it will (1) create new employment opportunities (especially infrastructure-related) through the use of Federal funds; (2) cut down on taxes for average Americans; (3) extend unemployment premiums; and (4) assist in the area of health care via COBRA.

A "key" aspect of this bill, according to Lauri, is an increased investment in alternative / solar / renewable technology.

Next to speak was M.E. of "Sustainable Hudson Valley." M.E. spoke of associated job potentialities in the areas of workforce investment and training; technology; auditing; and engineering and weatherization. Either she - or a subsequent speaker - also mentioned the need for support positions in association with all of the above.

J.B., associated with Prism Technologies was the next speaker (M.E. referred to JB as one of the "team players") - and she focused a bit more specifically on alternative lighting sources, solar energy sources, holographic technology and insulation. Prism Tech, according to J.B., hopes to start production in Fall 2009 - and employ (building the workforce as they go) 400-500 workers over the next four-five years.

P.S., associated with Mid Hudson Energy Smart Communities (outreach) - and also noted as a "team player" - was the next to speak. She spoke more specifically about the need for training / education - in the fields of assessments, audits, engineering, technology, supportive roles, etc.

P.S. stated that under State University of New York (SUNY) leadership, five Community Colleges plan to increase the number of classes in some or all of these areas starting this Fall.

Now, I'm not sure exactly who stated this, but apparently our new CEO M. Hein is on board (kudos!) - as well as M. Hinchey (kudos!) - and I also remember seeing a recent blog entry (elsewhere / see listing in sidebar) to this effect.

M.O., also associated with "Sustainable Hudson Valley", spoke about the "green job pledge" - the "Kingston Green Trail Alliance" - creating a "bike-friendly Kingston" - supporting a "green economy" - and more. He also gave kudos to the folks that started the Kingston City Community Gardens Project (kudos!) - and expressed appreciation for the Carnegie Library Project (both of which have also been noted on local blogs as of late).

Also mentioned were construction jobs geared to provide "healthy shelter for all" - and the goal of increasing "local food security" via the community garden projects and such. These projects compliment each other - along with the quest for local "energy security."

A number of affiliates and/or supporters were mentioned, from area businesses (such as Prism and Wall St. Salvage) to Financial (i.e., the MHVCU, Ulster Savings, other) to the tremendous input of "people power" (i.e., all of the above, Kingston Cares, other) - with a stated goal of getting more of the local "body politic" on board - forming a "task force" - creating an "action plan" - and sprinkling associated jobs here there and (hopefully) everywhere!

Deemed important:

1. "Identify strengths" already in our community...

2. A realization that "relocalization" (via wind power, solar power and other alternative power sources) is "inevitable" - and that this needs to be worked towards from the "bottom-up" as well as the "top-down."

Other folks also spoke (including a teacher from BOCES that got a healthy round of applause) --- and asked questions --- but my notes started to get more scattered at this point, so I will leave it to others and/or the links provided to fill in the blanks.

One last thing I did catch, however, was R.F. (rather than chance misspelling names, I use initials) putting out a kudos / encouragement for volunteerism in this area --- as well.

R.F. stated something to the effect that on Martin Luther King Jr. Day (I covered this in a blog posting at the time) - Ulster Corp got 90 responses / volunteers - many of whom had never served in a volunteer capacity before!

So... what better way to wrap this all up than to say there was a lot of ENERGY (at very low cost!) in the room!!!!!

And future events (one is coming up at the Rosendale Rec Center, so stay tuned!) are already being planned.

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Thank you to everyone involved,


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