Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jackson Browne- Running on Empty... Notes on HV Progressive Coalition Mting... Green Economy

["Jackson Browne- Running on Empty (live 1979)"; as submitted to You Tube by rewindbttn on 2/9/08;]

Notes on HV Progressive Coalition Mting... Green Economy... Below


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  1. It seems that whenever you put up a video it sets off a chain reaction in my head of other songs by the very same artist. We all should revisit the newer version of Jackson Browne's "Lives in the Balance" live on 3/17/07 and the very powerful "Drums of War" at a Hollywood anti-war rally as a way to never forget what Bush did to destroy the reputation and economy of the US in his deceitful agenda that got us into Iraq. He is joined on stage for "Lives in the Balance" by two young and very talented black women. "The Pretender" and "For America" should also be heard to round out the truthful message from this artist.
    little sparrow