Thursday, March 5, 2009

St Patricks Day Parade Notice... Ward 5... Chips'NDips Entertainment

[Chips of Chips'NDips Entertainment; Photo by BS]

I'm just letting Ward 5 members know that my little (hopefully to start growing...) business is going to be represented in the St. Patrick's Parade - and I'm thinking of adding a sign to the effect of --- "Ward 5 Comes Alive!" --- to my Parade Plan (I have fun with this!) if the folks in the Ward (according to the feedback I receive) are OK with that...

I have applied for one of the Community Block Grants in order to try to expand my business, which (if and when I do have the funding to do all of this...) provides children's and family entertainment, education and prevention materials / shows - and more. [I recently, as some of you might know, hosted a party at the MuddyCup - and I have also been involved (a performer) in previous Lion's Club Expos (where I will also be again this year)]

I have been (as a "kinda" clown / entertainer) in previous City of Kingston parades - and I have some "nifty" (appropriate to the occasion) ideas in mind for this one... One of which, if folks were willing, could use some (not a lot, just a "little") donations (to be acknowledged on this site and my blog)- in order to pull it (at its best!) off. This would involve some really neat (I think) handouts (not candy / something more substantial. ..) for children - on behalf of Chips'NDips - and - if anyone in the Ward is interested in contributing - on behalf of Ward 5.

Please let me know if you are interested in contributing (I'm talking a $5 per person or family max) via my personal email at At that point (via email communications) I will tell you exactly what my parade route distributions will be - and (if you are still interested) give you a PO Box number that you can send contributions to.

After I make the involved purchases (I'm trying to keep the type of purchases (to be distributed) quiet, for a surprise effect...) - I will somehow post a copy of the receipt (via a photo if I can't get my scanner working) on my blog, as well. Either way, I'm in the line-up (2nd Division; #36) and getting excited about it! And if anyone has any additional ideas (not too complicated, please) - I'd be happy to hear them! BTW, is anyone else in the Ward participating in the St. Patricks Day Parade?

Peace, Love, Equality and Humane Justice,


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