Monday, March 2, 2009

Help Homeowners... You Tube... Public Access... Democracy Now... In Honor of Beverly Eckert

["Help Homeowners Level the Playing Field"; as submitted to You Tube by bravenewfilms on 2/28/09;]

Part of a local discussion regarding the Kingston Area Public Access (KAPA) / Public Access (In General) TV Dilemma:

"If KAPA comes up for discussion, I just wanted to mention that I once lived in Park Ridge NJ which had a Public Access TV station and was horrified to hear from one of its founders that the local official who gave them their charter put a clause in it that they could not broadcast anything of a 'controversial' nature! Mind-boggling in a democracy, isn't it? There's a great Media freedom website and if I can [retrieve] its name from my aging memory cells, I'll post it here. About that local public access channel in Park Ridge - the founder told me that it wound up mostly just giving info on the bike relay tours that passed through town. A great resource that was nipped in the bud by a cowardly democracy-challenged [bureaucrat]" (Maureen;; Re-Printed With Permission]

Recommended Site: / Sample You Tube video - Democracy Now - In honor of Beverly Eckert...

["9/11 Widow Beverly Eckert, 1951-2009, Advocate for Peace and 9/11 Victims. Democracy Now
2/17/09"; as submitted by mediagrrl9 on 2/17/09;]

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  1. Links to Democracy.Org - and to a site where you can sign a petition fighting what appear to be (safety first!) unreasonable home foreclosures are available in the sidebar. There is also a new blog link - re home foreclosures at the bottom (scroll down) of the sidebar.